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Our journey began in 2020

Or maybe long before that...

I remember one of the first gifts my husband gave to me, almost 10 years ago. We were dating back then and for my birthday, he had paid someone to create a portrait of me. I remember looking at the gift and thinking it was the most thoughtful gift ever! I thought I was the most excited about it until I showed the gift to my girlfriends and saw how ecstatic they felt. They were literally screaming and jumping around like toddlers! That’s when I realized how powerful personalized gifts can be!


Something to note...

The interesting thing is that back then, my husband had very little graphic design or artistic skills and it would have been simply impossible for him to make this gift a reality on his own. He was lucky enough to find an artist that had the skills to pull off the job, but that cost a lot of time and money. However, it’s been 10 years now and I still have that portrait gift. No doubt, it was a worthy investment!

So here we are

9 years after...

We started Thoughtful Greetings because like my husband back then, we know there are many others (maybe you as well) who are convinced that personalized gifts are the way to go. But they don’t have the skills or know-how to go about creating them. And that’s why we created Thoughtful Greetings – to be the link between you and the beautiful, personalized gifts you want to give your friends and family.

Insider view

What each day at the office is like...

We are constantly brainstorming design concepts that we can turn into personalized gifts and we’ve recently partnered with 2 other talented designers and production partners to help us bring these ideas to life. Our goal is to keep increasing our line of products until we have the perfect gift for every one on your list, and for every occasion.

So here we are

We are a small family business...

As a husband and wife team that values having meaningful relationships with the people in our lives, we truly care about helping you bring joy to your friends and family by giving gifts that truly feel like they were created for them. That way, every gift you’ll ever give would really mean something. Thank you for joining our Thoughtful Greetings Family and we cannot wait to get to work on your first thoughtful gift.

We are here to serve you...

Ogaga Johnson

Co-founder / Project Manager
"Just knowing that we are helping our customers build stronger relationships with their friends and family makes this exciting."

Peter Bylo

Graphic Designer
""I am extremely passionate about anything that allows me to be creative."

Tosin Johnson

Co-founder / Customer Support / Head of Content
"As someone who likes to brainstorm ways of adding some extra thought to every card and gift I send, being able to work here every day is a dream come true."

Iryna B.

Illustrator/Graphic Designer
"I provide design assistance with all types of illustrations: portraits, lifestyle illustrations, etc. I do my work carefully, diligently, and make your vision come to life!"
I was pleasantly surprised by this card assortment!... Two enthusiastic thumbs up. I'd definitely buy them again or recommend them to a friend.
Amazon, US
I just received my cards today. I am thoroughly pleased...I will be purchasing more as gifts - I think they are very unique.
Amazon, US

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