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Wondering How to Thank Someone for Money? Have You Tried These?

Woman happy about money gift

The popular answer to the question of how to thank someone for a money gift is: express gratitude using whatever means feels most comfortable for you and which makes the giver feel appreciated. But that’s pretty vague so let me break it down.

Depending on the occasion for which you received the money or the size of the gift, you can decide to SAY thank you either by making a quick call, sending an email or text message, or sending a handwritten note to express your appreciation. In addition to saying thank you with your words, there are a number of ways through which can also SHOW appreciation for a monetary gift and I discuss them in this post as well.

Of the various suggestions I just gave on how to say thank you to someone for a money gift, sending a handwritten note/card is my favorite because of the message it communicates: that you appreciate the giver’s generosity enough to pick up a card or note and pen down a message. I have found it really helpful to have blank cards that are very versatile and can be used for a variety of occasions. They come in particularly handy at times like this when I want to send a quick thank you note for a monetary gift.

It can be challenging however to come up with the words to say in your card. So if you would be writing a thank you note for a cash gift, I have written these 30+ messages for different scenarios to inspire you as you write your own thank you note.

How to Thank Someone for Money by SAYING

Thank you for the money
  1. When writing a thank you note, start by addressing the recipient by name. And don’t forget to add a closure at the end of your short note. As always, select nice stationery that’s suitable for the situation and the recipient.
  2. In most situations, it is a good idea to mention how you would be using the cash gift. Not because you owe it to the giver. After all, it is a gift and can be used at your discretion. The idea, however, is that people are more likely to feel good about their generosity when they know that their gift was timely, or that it contributed towards some of your financial goals. And you come off as the kind of person that they want to do even more stuff for in the future.
  3. There are situations however when you would rather not mention how the money is being spent. An example is when would be using a wedding money gift to settle a bad debt, in which case you might not necessarily be excited about sharing details of that in your note. So feel free to leave this detail out in such cases.
  4. Use compliments to express how you feel about their kind gesture. Here are some qualities you can appreciate in a person who has given you a monetary gift: generosity, kindness, magnanimity, thoughtfulness, big-heartedness, etc.

Did you know?

A lot of people end their message by saying “thank you for the money.” And while there is nothing wrong with using those exact words, there are alternative wordings you can try out. For example, if someone gave you some money that you spent on a restaurant treat for yourself, you can say, “Thank you for the gift of [a delicious meal]”.
You would find how to do this better as you start reading the many examples that follow.

General Thank You Messages

  • Words cannot express how grateful I am for your financial support during what was a difficult season for my family. Things are more stable now and I owe a lot of that to you. You’re such a blessing, Nick!
  • I still can’t believe you did this! Your cash gift was something I least expected after all you had done for me. You’re far too kind and I’m so glad to have you in my life.
  • I’m still smiling! Laura and I will never forget the great experience we had celebrating our anniversary with you. We really appreciate your money gift as well. Thanks a million!
  • Given the present situation, I totally understood that you couldn’t make it to celebrate with me on my birthday. You didn’t have to send me anything so I was really touched when I received your card and the birthday money you enclosed in it. You’re too kind! Thanks, Audrey
Money in an envelope gift
  • Thank you for your thoughtfulness in sending me some money for my graduation. I’d be throwing that into my savings for the future.
  • I’m still trying to decide between using the money you sent for my gym membership or to pay off my insurance bill. But whatever my decision turns out to be, you can be sure that your gift is making a world of difference. Thank you, Diane!
  • This has got to be a classic example of a perfectly timed gift. Thank you so much for the money you sent me! It’s just what I needed to settle some of my upcoming bills next month.

How to Thank Someone for Money (Referencing Use of Funds)

  • I really appreciate your housewarming gift. I can already think of a dozen ways to spend it but I think I’ll be getting a blue velvet sofa that I had spotted on Wayfair. It will be the first thing you see when you walk in. Thank you very much for making our home more beautiful and stylish!
  • Hi, Sam. I just wanted to send a note to show my appreciation for your money gift at our wedding. We just added it to the funds we’re putting aside for a new apartment. Looking forward to inviting you over once we settle in.
  • Sarah, thank you for the funds you put towards my new car. I know you have a lot of financial commitments over the next few weeks so this means a lot to me. Thanks a million!
  • Hi, Steve. Thank you for the money you gave to the kids. Margot got her favorite Barbie doll while Luke decided to buy a LEGO truck with his. They really love their toys and wanted me to let you know how grateful they are.
  • It was really nice to see you at my birthday party. And thank you for your generous gift as well. I’d finally be able to get that dress I had told you about from ASOS. Will send you a picture once I do.
  • Thank you so much for the cash gift at our baby shower. Andy and I are super grateful because you just gave us a huge chunk of the money we needed for our baby’s playpen.
  • I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for the beautiful birthday card…and the money you enclosed in it. You’ve brought me a step closer to my goal of being able to afford a new laptop for the new school year. Thank you, Paul!
  • I can’t even begin to explain how much your gift meant to me. I’ve had my eye on the Sony A7 camera for a while now and I’ve been saving up for it. With your gift, I think I would finally be able to get it within the next week. I’m so excited to finally be giving my passion a go. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

How Kids Can Say Thank You for Money Gift

Kids are not left out when it comes to saying thank you. So here are couple of messages that your kids can use when writing their thank you card:

Kids excited about money gift, saying thank you
  • Dear Aunt Joanne,
    Thank you for the gift you sent for Christmas. Dad and I went shopping today and I bought a nice pair of shoes with the money you sent. I’d try to wear them when next we are coming over to yours so you also get to see them firsthand. Love, Marcus.
  • Dearest grandpa,
    I always look forward to receiving your letter on my birthday each year. It makes me feel special to know that you never forget my birthday. I also want to say thank you for the check that you enclosed. It’s great having some extra cash while I’m home. Thank you, grandpa!
  • Hi Uncle Robin! I just wanted to say thank you for the Peet’s gift card. Did you know it’s my favorite place to have coffee or was this just coincidence? I’m so thankful I can enjoy some cups of coffee over the next week without having to pay a dime. Thanks a lot!
  • Dear grandma, I just spent the Walmart gift card you gave me for Christmas. I had so much fun looking around the store to find the perfect pair of pants and I ended up getting a pair of cargo pants that look really great on me. Thank you very much grandma! I’d send you a picture next time I wear them for an outing.
  • You can’t see me but I’m smiling right now. Thank you so much for the check you sent towards my summer camping trip. I am really excited that I’ll be able to visit Europe this year. I can’t wait to share pictures from my trip with you. Thanks a bunch, Aunty Meg!

How to Say Thank You for Gift Cards and Free Tickets

Money can take different forms and we can sometimes forget to thank the people who have given us gift cards, tickets, paid our membership fees, etc. This section would help you with thanking those people. After all, they essentially gave you money, only this time, in a different form.

Image of free ticket gift
  • Thank you for the 2 tickets you gave us to attend the Lakers vs Clippers game. You needed to see how excited we felt. It was our first time seeing a live game but we had such an incredible time that we are looking to repeat it sometime soon. Thank you for the gift of an amazing experience. We’re beyond grateful!
  • Wow! The massage treatment I had at Rosewood Spa was just amazing! Honestly, that gift card is probably the nicest gift I have ever received. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  • We just took 3 items off our home renovation shopping list, all thanks to you for the Hardware Store’s gift card you sent us for Christmas. I can hardly wait to see how our new space would look like once we are done fixing everything. We’re very grateful, Matt!
  • I just wanted to say thank you for the Amazon gift card you gave me. I just ordered 2 books that have been on my wishlist for a while. Now I’m looking forward to receiving them in the mail. Thanks again, Ashley!
  • I was at Red Lobster last night, thanks to the gift card you sent me. Loved every bit of the meal and I couldn’t stop thinking about how blessed I am to have a friend like you. Thanks for the treat, Barbara!
  • Many thanks for giving us your tickets to last night’s comedy show. It was definitely a pleasant surprise and the experience we had was second to none. We’re very grateful!

How to Thank Someone for Loaning You Money

  • Thank you for the loan to purchase my car. It was a very good deal and I didn’t want to miss out on it while waiting on my next paycheck. I truly appreciate your helping me out. God bless you, Marty.
  • I appreciate your kindness in letting me borrow money from you to cover the cost of my car repairs. I had so many unexpected expenses come up that week which left me cash-strapped. But thank you for coming to my rescue on such short notice. I’d be able to send it back next week like I mentioned to you. Many thanks, Terry.
  • We closed the house on Monday! Thank you for the money you loaned us to complete the funds for our down payment. It felt so good ticking off one of the big goals we had set for the year and we wanted to let you know how grateful we are for the part you played. We’d definitely return the money on or before the agreed date. Thank you, Laura, for making our dream of becoming homeowners a reality!
  • Alice, I can’t thank you enough for coming through for me last week. I had no clue where I was going to get the money to settle the bills for James’ tuition. So I really appreciate you loaning me the funds I needed. I have some money coming in next week and would be able to return it as I promised. Thanks once again!
Man with empty wallet

How to Thank a Group of People for Money Gift

In cases where a couple of people have contributed to give the monetary gift, it’s still a good idea to write back to say thank you.

If they are a group of people that live or work in the same space (like your colleagues at work), a single card should be fine. In this case, you can address the card using each of their names (for a small group) or simply address your card to them as “friends” (for a slightly larger number of people) and drop off the card at the office.

Here is a sample message you can send when addressing a group:

Louise, Brian, John, and Avery,

I’m struggling to find the words to express what your gift means to me. The monetary value of your gift is definitely a big deal because there’s a lot more I can afford to do, thanks to your gift. But more than that, I was deeply touched by the thought behind the gift. I feel so privileged to have each one of you as my colleagues and my only hope is that you can sense the immense gratitude I feel towards you all. Please know that the memories of this kind gesture would linger on in my mind for a very long time. From the bottom of my heart, I just want to say THANK YOU!

On the other hand, when these people don’t live or work together, it is a good idea to send individual cards to each of them. Any of the messages in this post can be adopted in that case. Only be sure to mention that you got to know they were a part of the group that sent you money and you just wanted to express your appreciation.

How to Thank Someone for Money by SHOWING

Whenever you have the opportunity to take practical actions that demonstrate your gratitude, try to do so. For example, a friend, colleague, or family member can give you some cash or a check towards a home down payment, a renovation project you are starting, or even supporting a charity that you own.

In any of these situations, you take things further by inviting them over to see the house upon closing the sale or by sending them a thank you picture card that shows how their gift made a difference for your charity. Get the idea?

These actions can go a long way in expressing how grateful you are and making them also feel special in ways that mere words cannot achieve.

Warm Closing

Consider closing your thank you note with any of the following phrases:

  • Love and thanks,
  • Regards,
  • So grateful,
  • Full of thanks,
  • With love,
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  • Beyond grateful,
  • Many thanks,
  • Gracias!
  • Danke!
  • Thanks a million!
  • Much appreciated,
  • You’re too kind!
  • Thanks a bunch!
  • You’re the best!
  • Thank you kindly,
  • I truly appreciate you,
  • God bless you,
  • From the bottom of my heart, thank you!
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