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Thoughtful Greetings 52 Blank Cards With Envelopes & Gold Seal
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Thoughtful Greetings 52 Blank Cards With Envelopes & Gold Seal



This assorted box of blank note cards gives you the flexibility of choosing the perfect card for every occasion including birthdays, thank you, baby showers, encouragement, get well, anniversaries, and even for sending your sympathies. Whatever the occasion, we’ve got you covered! And all our cards are gender and age-neutral.

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Imagine picking up your mail, and there among the sea of bills and ad flyers is a beautiful looking greeting card sent from a friend or loved one. Personally, that just makes my day to know that in a world so fast and crazy, a thoughtful person cared enough to pause, write a beautiful card and send it to me. I’m guessing you are one of those really thoughtful people. How do I know?

The fact that you are looking to get a box of cards says a lot about you, that you are this kind of person who wants to go beyond just sending a text or an email because let’s face it, emails or texts don’t do the job as well as handwritten cards. And it’s for people like you that we designed these 4 x 6 blank greeting cards because they give you an excellent opportunity to express yourself, in your own words, on a beautiful piece of stationery.

To ensure that your cards arrive in excellent condition, we have packaged them in a sturdy box so they stand up to the beating that comes from going through the mail system. We’ve thought about everything you would need to send out a really thoughtful note and packaged them into this one box. Get ready to receive compliments from your friends and family who would simply be awestruck by your thoughtfulness in sending top-of-the-line cards to them.

We can’t wait to hear how impressed you and your recipients are with these beautiful cards. And we are sure you’ll be back to get some more once your first box runs out.

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Dimensions12 × 10 × 8 cm


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