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Thank You Healthcare Workers. You’re So Amazing!

Thank You Healthcare Workers

We are living in unprecedented times. I have written this post to help you come up with thoughtful words to say thank you for the crucial role that healthcare workers play in keeping all of us safe.

As you can tell from the date of this post, I wrote this during the COVID-19 pandemic that swept across the whole world. And so a lot of the thank you messages contained in this post speak to the hard work, dedication, sacrifice, and selflessness that our healthcare workers continue to display during this ongoing crisis.

However, these are qualities that our healthcare workers have repeatedly displayed over the years and will continue to. For that reason, I consider the greetings here as timeless words that you can use in expressing gratitude to these amazing crop of people during and long after the world has moved on from this global crisis.

As with any thank you card message, all it takes to transform your greetings from being an empty rhetoric into a thoughtful piece is your ability to inject a little thoughtfulness into writing.

Below are a few tips to help you craft the perfect thank you letter. Combine your answers with some of the examples in this post and you would be amazed to see what you come up with. Most importantly, the card recipient would feel like you really wrote for them and to them.

Tips for Saying Thank You to Healthcare Workers

  • Think about how their typical work-life has been altered since the pandemic started. Think about the emotional highs and lows they go through as they battle to keep patients alive. Coupled with the long hours they spend at work. And the immense pressure they are under each passing minute of each day. Not only would this enable you to empathize with them, but it also lets you know what to write about.
  • Talk about how grateful you are for the personal sacrifices they are making because of the nature of their work: Time with family, a good night’s sleep.
  • Appreciate them for the qualities they are exhibiting as they go about their work: Bravery, Courage, Dedication, Passion, Integrity, Positive mentality, Sacrifice, Kindness, Selflessness.
  • Send them well wishes and prayers for their welfare and health even as they care for others.

Bonus tip: Whenever the recipient is someone accessible and to whom you can offer direct help, don’t shy away from letting them know that you are available to help with whatever they might need.

Thank you healthcare workers banner

When thanking health care workers, it’s important to make them feel that it isn’t just the work they do that we value, we also appreciate them. So, by going beyond just saying “thank you” to expressing our desire for them to remain in good health, we show that they are incredibly important to us as well…regardless of whether they are saving lives or not.

Thank You Messages During COVID-19

  • Thank you to all the healthcare workers at [Eastern Health]. We just want you to know that we appreciate all the sacrifices you are making, and we’ll do our part by staying home to slow the spread of the virus. We are forever grateful!
  • I can only imagine what it’s like for you. The anxiety. The fear. The uncertainty. And yet you’ve somehow managed to keep showing up every day to save lives. You are a real hero, Christine. Thank you for all you do!
  • Barb, I just want to say a massive thank you to you and all the members of the [NHS] working round the clock to save lives. We really appreciate your bravery and commitment. Thank you!”
  • With all you’ve had to deal with during the last few months, I wonder how you manage to keep it together under such immense pressure. You are simply amazing. Thank you thank you thank you.
  • This ongoing crisis has shown us who the true superheroes are. It’s not Batman or Superman. It’s people like you and your colleagues who are working so hard to keep us all safe. You guys are the true superheroes! Thank you.
Thank you to front line heroes
  • With little warning, you and your colleagues were plunged into a global catastrophe. Yet you have and continue to find a way to respond to the impossible demands of his hour. We owe you our relentless gratitude for all the work you’re doing. Thank you thank you thank you.
  • These are incredibly stressful times for you and your colleagues. Rest assured that we have you in our prayers. Praying for strength to keep going. You are simply incredible!
  • This disease would pass. But your heroic acts would never be forgotten and our admiration and regard for you would forever remain intact. Thank you!

Michelle Obama’s Thank You Letter

Here is a transcript of a message I found via the UChicago Medicine website. It was sent by former US First Lady, Michelle Obama to say thank you to Chicago Healthcare Workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. It touches on all the tips I have discussed earlier and I couldn’t be more pleased to share it with you:

“Hi, everybody. It’s Michelle Obama, and I just want to take a few minutes to let you all know how profoundly grateful Barack and I are for the heroic work that all of you are doing right now in Chicago. We know that you all are facing overwhelming challenges.

You’re working around the clock, spending long hours away from your families, and making impossible decisions day after day. You’re soothing terrified patients, consoling heartbroken loved ones, summoning every ounce of the compassion and strength that you’ve got. And you’re saving countless lives while risking your own, and I know that you’re exhausted. I know you must be afraid.

But every single day you all continue to show up and do your jobs with excellence, empathy, and an unwavering devotion to every patient who walks through your doors. And I’m just in awe of all of you.

You embody the very best of who we are. The very best, and I know that we will get through this crisis because of you.

So today, I just want to say thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I love you all. I am proud of you all.”

Timeless Thank You Messages To Healthcare Workers

Clap for healthcare workers
  • Thank you for being out there on the front lines, putting yourselves at risk for the greater good of everybody else. We are truly grateful.
  • Sharon, thank you for your hard work and sacrifice to preserve lives. I honestly pray and hope that you stay strong and remain in good health as you continue working on the front lines.
  • A big thank you for the work you’re doing. And I just wanted to remind you that we all depend on incredible doctors like you to help us healthy. So please keep up the good work, Charles. Thank you!
  • We would always remember the bravery and dedication that you and your colleagues have displayed during this difficult time. We are forever grateful. Thank you!
  • I am always thankful for what you do, but on a day like this when the world celebrates heroes like you, I couldn’t appreciate you more!
  • Thank you for your heart of gold. I love you more than words can say for your strength, courage, sacrifice, and selflessness.
  • Doctor Kim, I just want to say how overjoyed to have you as my family doctor. Thank you for your time and readiness to always listen. I admire what you do and continue to be inspired. Thank you!
  • The work you do makes a big difference and you’ve won our respect. Keep being a blessing!
  • I have never met a selfless person like you, Lora. It is because of nurses like you that the medical profession continues to be respected all over the world.

Here’s a Pinterest friendly photo that you can save to your board…so you can quickly access this post when you want to write a thank you card to any of the amazing health workers you know.

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